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COVID-19: The Side Effects Pfizer Vaccine Recipients Suffer

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Several months after the administration of different kinds of vaccines began, researchers are witnessing different side effects in people who have received them. 

Just like other vaccines, Pfizer vaccine has some effects that are disturbing those who received the shot. When the administration of the vaccines began, there were slight side effects that affected many people. However, with time scientists have discovered that each of the vaccines have their side effects. 

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With more time and research, more side effects apart from the harmless pain at the injection site are being realized. Researchers have discovered that some recipients of the Pfizer vaccine are complaining of itching on the injected arm, fatigue and incessant headache. According to the study conducted by the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these side effects affect people differently. 

In some the effects only take weeks and others months. There were also cases that the side effects led to hospitalization of the vaccine recipients. The scientists advise that one should be keen to report any strange feeling in the body weeks after receiving the vaccine to stay out of danger. 

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Staying at home when the vaccine starts to react differently with your body will badly expose you to other conditions that can be dealt with. Postponing your visit to the hospital can make your situation worse in a case where the reaction with the vaccine has escalated. It is advisable that your monitor yourself for any changes and report as soon as possible. 

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