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A deadly disease you should avoid: familiarize with it and the modes of transmission.

Viral diseases are an area of concern in the medical field including the current Covid19 epidemic. This is because when a virus enters the body it utilizes the host's machinery for it's replication and survival and keeps mutating to form new strains. This makes it hard to design their drugs and vaccines.

Hepatitis is a viral disease that exists in different strains: A, B, C, D and E. It causes liver inflammation and can lead to death when discovered at late stage. The liver is a vital organ in the body hence it's dysfunction can bring a lot of complications. Some of liver functions include: detoxification, carbohydrates metabolism, processing nutrients, filtering blood among others. Hepatitis B is highly contagious hence can lead to deadly outbreaks.

Modes of transmission

1) Contact with an infected person.

2) It's a sexually transmitted disease especially type B.

3) One can get it from contaminated water and food. Mostly Hepatitis A.


1) Caused by a virus.

2) Excessive intake of alcohol.

3) Some medications can also damage the liver causing inflammation.

4) It can be an autoimmune disease where body cells fight against themselves.

Early signs of hepatitis

1) Fever and abdominal pain.

2) Loss of appetite and vomiting.

3) Dark urine

4) Jaundice and pain on joints.

Hepatitis is only manageable and not treatable. This is because it hides in hepatocytes in the liver. If one is diagnosed with it, they are advised to stop taking alcohol as it leads to more liver damage. Liver infections should be treated earlier as they can develop to severe hepatitis. Infants and people with HIV are more susceptible hence they should be treated as early as possible. Good news is that hepatitis B has a vaccine.

It is advisable to see a doctor if you observe and sign in order to know ways of managing it.

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