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How to Use Lemons to Detoxify

Nothing like lemon to cleanse your body. Indeed, even if it is a very acidic fruit in taste, it becomes alkaline inside our body, which means that citric acid, once assimilated by our body, does not generate acidity to it.

inside it and even helps stimulate the liver and eliminate toxins faster thanks to its diuretic properties.

It also allows to have more tone and vitality, facilitates digestion and gives a luminous complexion. A lemon-based detox is therefore definitely a good idea to regain more energy and eliminate toxins. I suggest you do this lemon detox:


Heat a cup of mineral water.

Add the juice of half a juicy lemon, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Drink one cup in the morning before eating, another 45 minutes after dinner.

This detoxification is to be followed for two weeks to be able to benefit from all its benefits.

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