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5 Sure Signs Of Covid 19 You Should Not Over Look.

Corona virus diseases is a respiratory infection whose signs and symptoms rages from mild to moderate.

However, the vulnerable people like the elderly and those with underlying health issues are likely to experience more severe symptoms.

There is also a unique group of people who may have the infection but fail to show signs. Hence it's very important for people to be informed on ways of staying safe such as always wearing a mask when in public and regularly sanitizing hands.

If one experiences the following signs it's advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible as one could be positive for Corona virus:

1.Losing the sense of taste and smell. Although this sign does not show in every positive patient it is a sign that should not be ignored.

2.Shortness of breath. This usually occurs due to the destruction of lungs caused by the virus. It's advisable to relieve the sign using an inhaler and also seek immediate medical attention.

3.Stubborn cough. This type of cough is usually special in that its dry and persists for a longer time than the normal one.

4.Always feeling exhausted. Feeling excessively tired without having done any serious manual work is a sign that one may have contracted the disease unknowingly.

5. Abnormal loss of hair. Many patients of Corona virus have manifested this sign hence it's wise to be on the lookout.

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