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Doctors Remove Cell Phone From Prisoner's Stomach, Here's How They Did it And What Worried Them

A 33 year old man from Kosovo left doctors in shock after swallowing a whole mobile phone into his stomach.

According to reports, the device was successfully removed from his stomach four days after the incident occurred.

It has been disclosed that the doctors managed to remove the device from his stomach by endoscopic means implying that his stomach was not cut.

Immediately after the successful removal, doctors revealed that they were worried or rather concerned that the corrosive battery acid could have leaked into the man's stomach. However that was not the case as the battery acid had not leaked.

Biologically, battery acid is a very strong chemical and when in contact with the skin or intestinal membranes it causes severe burns and tissue damage.

Among the most common symptoms of battery acid poisoning include:

1) Swelling of the throat which later impairs breathing.

2) Severe burns either in the mouth and or in the throat.

3) Rapid development of low blood pressure (shock)

4) Vomiting, with blood due to damage of the intestinal membranes.

5) Vision loss.

Congratulations to the medics.

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