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Scientific Benefits Of Fasting

The term fasting is not very new to most of us. Muslims, Christians, and other religions hold different spiritual understandings about fasting. The style of fasting in all regions differ from each other. On the same note, scientists have different perspectives on the same subject. But have you ever realized how fasting can be of benefit to your body? Below are some of the scientific advantages of fasting.

1.     Ability to Focus

During a fast, we deny the body food and water. During the process, most of the energy in the body is retained. No digestion or assimilation of food takes place. This allows the mind to perform to its climax. It gets the ability to focus on any task at hand. Decision-making becomes easy and effective while ideas appear so clear and understandable.

2.     Enhances Discipline

When the body lacks water and food it automatically develops a new behavior. The brain focuses only on the most important issues around you. It tends to preserve the little energy in the body by minimizing the less important tasks. You can be able to focus on your to-do- list and ignore a useless lunch invitation from a friend.

3.     It Boosts Your Immunity 

Abstaining from meals paralyzes most metabolic systems in the body and lowers speed blood circulation. Part of the energy retained is applied to the white blood cells which become very active. Toxins and germs are cleaned from the body. This explains why a cat will hide from you for several days when it gets sick. It abstains from food and water to enhance quick healing.

I also practice fasting and it works wonders! When I write articles in a fast ideas flow with ease in mind. Yes, I am a born-again Christian. But on the other side fasting is more of an advantage to me apart from spiritual health.

It’s not even difficult to abstain from food. Start your day by writing a to-do list. Make a vow not to eat until you accomplish all your tasks. Practice this for a week and thanks me later. However, this may not apply to hard labor workers who require a lot of energy to perform their duties. 

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