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Do You Experience These Signs On Your Hands? Visit Your Doctor Immediately

Often times we receive physical signals in our outer body that indicate the state of our inner body. And it is very important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms in order to be timely informed of any health problems that are about to arise or any health problems that are already affecting our body system.

This article focuses on things our hands can tell about our body health.

1. Red palms

According to doctors, red palms can be a sign of liver problems, especially if you are over 50 years old. Most of the time, the redness can be seen on the outer edge of the palm.

One possible reason for red palms is a change in hormonal balance that causes blood vessels to dilate.

Note that it is quite normal to have red palms when you are pregnant because blood flow is increased.

You should see a doctor if you suffer from red palms.

2. Sweaty palms

There are several possible reasons for sweaty palms: excessive sweating, stress, and overactive thyroid.

For hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating, you can try strong antiperspirants.

Try to limit your alcohol consumption and learn to control your stress levels (meditation, " inhale- exhale" technique).

3. Loss of sensitivity and tingling sensation

Numbness (lost, reduced, or changed feeling) and tingling (a strange tingling sensation) are types of temporary paresthesia. In some cases, these symptoms in the hands can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as cervical osteochondrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, venous thrombosis of the extremity, a brachial plexus injury, anemia, or diabetes.

If you frequently experience loss of sensitivity in your hands for no apparent reason, contact your doctor.

4. Dry hands

Dehydration and lack of estrogen are the most common causes of dry skin on hands and go hand in hand with menopause.

To avoid dehydration, drink enough water and use moisturizing hand creams. Include oily fish, seeds, and nuts in your diet. Visit your doctor for hormone replacement therapy. It will help you control the drop of estrogen.

5. Shaky hands

It is known that trembling hands can be a sign of serious health problems like Parkinson' s disease. If you have serious concerns, seek medical advice.

In the meantime, limit your heavy coffee and alcohol consumption as this can also lead to trembling hands. Other possible reasons are great stress and anxiety.

6. Weak nails or brittle nails

Weak or cracked nails can be a symptom of a zinc deficiency. Zinc really plays an important role in our health, it promotes wound healing, helps with cell division and strengthens the immune system.

Brittle nails occur for several reasons. They can be a normal sign of aging or the result of polishing your nails too often. In cold weather, dry nails can cause brittle nails. Weak nails can also be signs of a health problem, such as hypothyroidism or anemia.

Add some zinc rich foods like oats, nuts, and meat to your diet.

Doctors also recommend taking zinc as a supplement when levels in your body are low.

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