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Good News To all Kenyans who Have Not Vaccinated as New details Emerge About The Vaccines

New positive cases and deaths are being reported in many places throughout the world. The novel covid-19 variety, omicron, is responsible for the new cases of covid-19 infections. In addition, dozens of vaccines have been delivered to our country in order to control the disease's spread.

Every effort has been made to keep the disease under control. The vast majority of people do not adhere to WHO guidelines, such as wearing a face mask and maintaining a safe distance.

WHO has issued a statement on how the immunizations are safe according to the Ministry of Health. Vaccines are safe for everyone, including pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding.

More vaccines are now accessible and they are safe which is good news for all Kenyans, especially those who have not yet taken a dose of covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccinations are quite effective, and all Kenyans are recommended to get vaccinated at a nearby health facility.

Additionally, to decrease covid-19 infection and mortality, remember to clean and follow all ministry of health requirements.

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