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Reasons For Swollen Feet

1. Edema

This is when your body holds on to too much water, it can make your feet puffy as well as your hands and face. You might it if you stand for hours, some women have it around their monthly period. It usually goes away on its own, but sometimes, it can be a sign of health problem like low protein levels, heart failure, or kidney, and liver disease.

2. Injury

If you trip or take a wrong step, a swollen foot can be a sign of broken bone or a sprain. When the tough, flexible tissue that connects the bones around your ankle tears. Your foot and ankle will swell as blood rushes to the area to help in healing.

3. Pregnancy

Feet can swell as a natural part of pregnancy because a woman's body holds more water when they are expecting. It can worsen at the end of the day or after standing for a long time. It's not usually a sign of a problem for mother or baby. But it can be uncomfortable.

4. Heart Failure

This is when your heart doesn't pump blood like it should. If your blood isn't flowing well in the right direction, it can back up in your legs and feet and cause swelling.

5. Kidney Disease

Your kidneys filter waste from your blood. If they are not working right, because of a condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, too much salt can be left in your blood. That makes your body hold on to more water than it should.

6. Liver Disease

If you have hepatitis, or drink heavily your liver has to fix itself over and over. That can cause scar tissue to replace healthy tissue, and your liver can stop working like it should. If that happens, too much fluid can pool in your belly, legs and feet making them swell.

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Edema Swollen Feet


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