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Foods That Must be Avoided to Continue Living a Healthy Life

Indeed health is wealth as the old attributes the adage. Good health is contributed by various factors. Food being in the first line, and determines the health of an individual. All the aspects ranging from selection, mode of preparation, nature in which it is taken and when it is taken.

The kinds of foods taken sounds louder from a layman's point of view but from the scientific perspective things are very different. Lifestyle has contributed to a larger percentage towards disease etiology. More often we tend to blame the person for eating too much and fail to make corrections for our own.

Type of foods taken dermines a particularly percentage of how it contributes to the health outcomes. Usually the input indicator corresponds to the output indicator. Health of the body is very important when it comes to the foods consumed. The body can be compared with the processing machine and food taken with the raw materials. The finished product is therefore the health outcome.

Foods that must be eliminated or requlated in our day to day diets includes but not limited to;

1. Highly processed foods and Sugars

Daily consumption of highly processed foods contributes to obesity and cardiovascular diseases in a larger extend. This is because these foods contains alot of preservatives in it, high in fat and simple sugars.

In other case it can worsen diabetes in patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. In other words it is recommended to avoid consumption of highly processed foods to safeguard our healthy life's.

2. Red meats

Meat is recommended in our diets but over consumption of red meats is very risky. Scientifically consumption of red meat more often has been associated with development of cancers especially the gastrointestinal cancers.

Metabolism of meat is complex process and gives the liver alot of work. It is healthy to avoid over consumption of red meats. Meat carries with it toxins and when consumed these toxins get into our system therefore affecting health.

3. Fast foods

Consumption of fast foods is becoming our lifestyle. This mostly comes in forms of 'take away' foods. Laziness has necessitated this behavior.

Fast foods have high bad fats. All these are fried, baked and canned foods. Saturated fats are mostly used in preparation of these foods which is quite unhealthy. They have been associated with cancers, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

We need to be very cautious in whatever foods we consume. We have to always seek advice from qualified health professionals to guide us on healthy eating habits. Let's us always be rich of health and free from diseases.

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