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Effects of Sleeping On Your Stomach

Get Out Of The Stomach Sleeping Position:

Some explanations on why stomach sleeping is bad (prone position).

Comfortable as it may be to sleep on your stomach, tummy, belly, abdomen, front of your back (prone position), etc., there are serious health risks associated with doing so.

For these factors:

First, the brain is receiving an inadequate supply of blood.

To explain, when you tilt your head to the side, blood flow is restricted in the artery near your spine. Consequently, this reduces blood flow to the brain.

2. Breathing that is less effective.

Since your chest will be compressed, you won't be able to breathe effectively, and your body won't get the oxygen it needs to function properly. This will leave you feeling exhausted upon waking.

Thirdly, Discomfort in the Stomach is Common.

Sleeping in the prone position (on your stomach) is harmful to your digestive system. If you do this while full, you risk getting an ulcer.

Crease 4!

Sleeping with your face pressed against the mattress causes puffiness and lines in the morning. Sleeping like this decreases oxygen and blood flow to the face.

5. Neck pain and stiffness.

Sleeping on your stomach, face down on the bed causes your neck to stay in a strained position all night long, which is unhealthy. Damage to the neck and morning stiffness are likely consequences of this habit.

As a result, your spinal column is under excessive strain.

Sleeping on one's stomach, or in a prone position, is bad for the spine. Back pain may develop from prolonged exposure to this position.

Increased Arterial Pressure, Number 7.

If you have heart problems, sleeping on your stomach (the prone position) might increase your heart rate dramatically.


Unfortunately, many of us have come to rely on the stomach as our default sleeping position, despite the many drawbacks associated with doing so.

Possible health consequences include neck and back pain, pinched nerves, and herniated discs. I recommend lying on your side. Thanks.

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Sleeping On Your Stomach


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