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Nutritious And Colorful Meals That Will Help You Save More(Opinion)

Many of us have been eating alot during the festive season and have added a few or several pounds of weight. Are you wondering how you can still eat delicious foods and Maintain or reduce some weight?

This article has ideas on low calorie foods you. An prepare in your kitchen.

1.How do you enjoy your plate of rice in a healthy way?

Accompany it with some yellow beans stew with some carrots in it.

If you get broccoli and avocado and it on the side. It will not only be delicious but colorful.

2.I wonder why some people do not like omena yet its very delicious and nutritious as well.

Try it with some greens as an accompaniment.

3.Do not forget your veggies, they are equally important especially when you want to lose weight.

Just steam them and avoid overcooking.

4.Combine your pasta, ugali or rice with some well cooked cabbage

Sometimes we downgrade some meals because we lack skills to cook them.

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