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How To Manage Anxiety When You Are Alone or In a Crowd

Anxiety is a disorder that could be mild or servers. Most people who have mild anxiety do not even know they have it.

It is a feeling of restlessness. The affected person feels restless because of something that has already happened or what is about to happen. For mild cases, the following are some of the things you could do when you discover an anxiety attack before it overwhelms you;

1. Isolate yourself to a place where you feel much more comfortable and sit still.

When you realize that you are about to experience an anxiety attack, isolating yourself from everyone else reduces tension and makes you feel much more comfortable and in control. Sitting still will help you try to control your mind and bring it back into your control to prevent it from overthinking or exaggerating the thoughts.

2. Take a deep breath for a few seconds then breathe it out heavily while sitting still controlling all your body movements.

Deep breathing eases up your heart, ensuring maximum oxygen into the lungs helping your brain to function calmly, and slowing down every part of the body including the heart. Repeat that for a few more seconds then stop breathing for 5 seconds before slowly bringing yourself back to normal breathing.

Once the heart calms down, freshens up, and breathes normally, you will realize the tension and the anxiety is gone and you are back to yourself with more courage than before.

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