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How Euphorbia tree is Used as Home remedy for Medicinal Purpose.

Euphorbia is know as Desert plant by many people. It grows well in dry areas and some people tend to confuse it with cactus.

Cactus is known for its medicinal value . Euphorbia is not so common for its medicinal value but some communities in western Kenya have used it for decades.

Most people in Western Kenya live below poverty level, hence, most of them depend on natural herbs for medicine and food. When they shave someone, be it a minor or a senior person, they use the common Razor blade which tend to open wounds by leaving small cuts on the head, this openings pave way for some bacteria to penetrate through the skin and cause some rushes on the head after 2 to 3 days of shaving.

Since these people are not able to raise money for approved medicine in Chemists and from hospital, they use The Euphorbia tree for curing this rushes.

Picture used for illustration purpose.

Euphorbia is cut and milk-like liquid produced is applied on the head immediately after shaving. Most Maragoli's from Vihiga have used it for quite a longer period and they believe it is a remedy for rushes.

Which Herbs does your Community use as medicine?

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Cactus Euphorbia Razor Western Kenya


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