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Why an Israeli company is developing oral COVID vaccine

Just imagine a COVID vaccine without injections just pills and no need of being administered by medical officers, potentially delivered to people's homes directly

An Israel-based company Oramed is focused on accomplishing that and is poised to start its clinical trials early this month as stated by its CEO Nadan Kidron in his interview with AFP.

With only 15% of the world's population vaccinated the war with the COVID pandemic is very far from over and most people are still not motivated by the injection vaccines therefore there is still a high requirement for Vaccines.

The oral covid vaccines are particularly attractive and economic for developing countries as they reduce the transportation burden of immunization campaigns. But also could increase vaccine uptake in developed countries of the world, since a recently conducted survey states that more than 19 million Americans would accept the vaccine if orally administered

Challenges associated oral with COVID Vaccine

Despite having many theoretical advantages it is usually difficult for an oral vaccine to be efficient as when administered orally the active ingredients do not usually survive throughout the gastrointestinal tract except for the diseases that are themselves transmitted orally.

Due to this challenge Oramed company is determined to produce a vaccine pill that can survive in the highly acidic environment without losing its active ingredient

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