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Nurses Wana Majibu. Kenyans Reveal Some Of Their Worst Responses From Hospital Nurses

Nurses are people who work in a hospital SE up. Basically the work of nurses is taking care of the sick people in hospitals. Nurses are the main assistants of doctors who help to administer drugs on Doctor's absentia. Nurses are good people who help the sick to walk on their recovery journey.

However most nurses especially in government hospitals are known to be hilarious and sarcastic. Some Kenyans have Revealed some of their most sarcastic comments they have ever received from nurses.

One Kenyan talked about how he went to hospital with a running stomach and the doctor requested for a stool test. The Kenyan went and got a sample for the test and placed the sample on a bench. Later on the doctor came to enquire about the sample and the Patient couldn't find it. The Kenyan told the doctor where he had placed it and the nurse replied in a loud tone that she cannot steal faeces. The patient Revealed that he was so embarrassed and that is how he received divine healing. See some of the Reactions from other Kenyans below.

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Kenyan Kenyans Wana Majibu


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