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Do You Fear Stroke? Check Out Its Early Warning Signs

Stroke is also known as a brain attack, and it commonly happens when the blood flow in the brain stops and the brain cells in the area affected with lack of blood flow start to die, when this happens it can affect the whole body, and it is advised to act fast.

Most people are reluctant to get help but the Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) always emphasizes that getting help within an hour reduces and can also prevent death or long-term disability, so the ability to recognize the warnings early is very crucial.

Stroke warning signs are unique, this is because they come suddenly a reason why they are recognized with a term known as “FAST” to help you recognize them.

F for the face  If you ever realize one side of your face is drooping or there is an uneven smile on the face which is a change from the normal one, that's a warning sign.

A for the arms – When your arms become numb, or weak this is another sign of stroke, a quick way to notice is to raise the arms, and if they do not drop steady go for a check-up.

S for speech – If you notice someone is having difficulty with speech, try asking them to repeat the words and if the words are slurred then it is another indication.

T for time – T is not a warning sign, but it signifies it is time to act fast cos you or someone might be experiencing a stroke.

Some other symptoms that come with stroke are unresponsiveness or confusion, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, seizures, and a sudden behavioral change.

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