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'Mchele Is Best And Work Faster If One Is Drunk' Notorious Supplier Reveals

The operation of 'mchele' has been winding the air as many people have come to testify how it cost them and others who were in the operation reveal how it works.

The concern about 'mchele' operation has come to be investigated by many professionals after a gang leader, Samuel Mugote was shot, and after investigations reports revealed that the deceased was a gang leader of illicit activities.

Mugote got millions from his 'Michelle' operation activities where he hired over 50 beauties who he deployed in different entertainment places to carry on the operation.

Citizen Tv today went round to know more about how 'mchele' operators get access to the administered drugs to mentally people in Mathare hospital.

An informer was sent to one of the pharmacies to get the drugs by the name 'dormicum' but unfortunately, it was not available and the pharmacist proposed 'CPZ' though he never handed it over without a prescription.

The informer made a call to a notorious supplier in the area who arrived and took the informer to one of the chemists where they managed to secure the drugs.

The supplier prescribed to the informer how and when the 'mchele' pills a used. According to her experience in the industry, she said the drug is better if the person to be stupefied is a drunk. If not drunk, one will be forced to use two tablets and pound them into powder form and the victim can be asleep for even three days after.

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