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The Top African Country That Is Badly Affected With Corona Virus

Since the onset of Corona virus many countries in the whole world had been affected. The outbreak at Wuhan China was so intense that the virus spread to other parts of the world. Each and every content was infected differently. Africa being one of them, scientist said that the virus would kill more people than any existing continent.[Photo Courtesy]

The virus arrived and it looks like it is here to stay. Many African countries have been infected but some of them are heavily affected. Among the top affected countries,Africa South Africa is the leading one. [Photo Courtesy]

The infections in this country rose up to about 13500a day in August. They have more than2.5 million cases by now. The number of casualties had risen to over 75,000 people while those who have recovered is amounting to 2.2 million people.[Photo Courtesy]

The good news is that their recovery rate is also high compared to other parts of Africa. South Africa has been in the process of researching on a possible vaccine and recently we had "Johnson & Johnson" vaccine produced in that country. With that move will see the country vaccinating their own people and also give the surplus to other countries.

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