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Health Sector Is Being Headed By Very Dangerous People: Top Senetor Expose Their Dirty Tricks.

After covid-19 being discovered and spread around the world life has never come back to normality again. Scientist have been up and down looking for a vaccine to help slow down and help curb the spread of this deadly virus.

Photo courtesy: narok senetor Ladema ole kina.

Since then many vaccines have been developed and approved by the world health organization (WHO). Some of this are the Oxford Astrerazeneca which is being used in most african countries it is among the cheapest of all. Another thing you need to know is that it has an efficiency of 76%.

Here are the other top and most efficient though it is expensive the Russian Sputnik v, Pfizer from the BioNTech, moderna, Johnson and Johnson, mRNA and the vector vaccine. Many government have ordered their desired brand for their citizens.

In Kenya this pandemic is an opportunity to become billionaires to some people. According to narok senetor Ladema ole kina as he wrote on a tweet on his social media accounts that those who are heading the health sector are dangerous.

Photo courtesy.

Health cs Mutahi Kagwe banned all private companies importing the Sputnik v vaccine. On his own opinion he said that is a move by some few rich people who want to import Johnson and Johnson vaccine and then sell it to Kenyans.

Photo courtesy.

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