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What Are The Right And Wrong Ways Of Losing Weight?

Think about long-term effect

We have to agree that there is no any quick way to lose weight. Starvation might work for a while but that’s both impractical and potentially dangerous to your health. Your best bet is to not think of your diet as a diet. Instead, think of it as a lifestyle change. That may sound difficult but your new lifestyle doesn’t have to be completely free of tasty, indulgent food. A lot of people are successful with something called the “80/20 rule.” This plan demands that you stick to your diet plan 80 percent of the time but allows you to indulge a bit for the other 20 percent of the time. A plan like this is usually much easier to stick to since you are not completely depriving yourself of the food you.

Use your willpowerIf you don't have at least some willpower, weight loss efforts are doomed to failure. Everyone struggles to force themselves to exercise when they would rather just sit in front of the TV or has trouble passing by the sweets aisle in the supermarket. Actually, a bit of cheating is bound to happen once in a while, but willpower can help you prevent it. Maintaining your willpower is one of the toughest things to do while dieting but it’s also your most valuable and effective ally.

Don’t starve yourselfAlthough skipping meals and eating very little food every day might seem like a super fast way to lose weight, but remember that your body probably won’t react the way you expect. When you cut down too much on eating your body has a tendency to put itself into what might be best described as “survival mode.” In other words, your body knows something’s up and it slows down your metabolism in order to burn less fuel and hang on to those fat stores so it can try to delay what it perceives as starvation. That would allow you to survive longer if you were in an actual starvation situation.

Avoid drinking alcoholThis part could be a tough one for a lot of people because alcohol is such a constant in the lives of many people. While it’s normally fine to have a few drinks once in a while, but overdoing it should definitely be avoided. Consider it a treat and place strict limits on the amount you drink. Alcohol can be high in calories, has no real nutritional value and can also disrupt your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Alcohol can also slow down the metabolism, which is something you really want to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Drink lots of waterWhile drinking alcohol is not such a good idea while dieting, drinking water is a great idea. Actually, many people find that drinking lots of water allows them to lose weight faster and easier because it causes your body to burn more calories.

Don’t deprive yourselfWe talked about the “80/20 rule” above but it really is worth stressing that you should not be so rigid in your approach to dieting and weight loss that you take away all those indulgent food you most love to eat. When you totally eliminate a favorite food from your diet you are more likely to experience cravings, which will often take you off track and well along on the road to failure. The key is limiting those indulgent foods and thinking of them as treats that you can look forward to on a regular, but not continuous basis.

Eat healthyEating healthy means more than avoiding junk food. It’s now known that eating and an adequate amount is very important for those who are trying to lose weight. Keeping hunger under control while dieting is crucial since it’s so much easier to pig out when you are feeling hungry and deprived all the time. Eating the right foods will accelerate weight loss and keep you from feeling like you always need something to eat.

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