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Looming countrywide lockdown.

With relentless permeation of the noxious disease now known as the corona virus ,there seems to be continual erect of tense within the country specifically the hospitals which have now been overwhelmed as facilities continue to decrease at an exponential rate .

Speaking with the from citizen radio today ,the ministry of health spearhead by honourable the minister for health ,said that with an aim to find an overhaul or rather an antidote to this worrying situationhere is need to revisit the already underlaid measures which were possible meant to curb and curtail the further encroachment of the virus to all corners of the country.

The minister further alluded that going forward with such a brimming beckoning of the pandemic,there is need to one again bring forth earlier curfew and even cessation of movement to areas which have now chameleon as the hotspot zones

While giving a nutshell to his speech this morning, Kagwe cited that very soon and possibly in the midst of this week ,the president will come out and read to the country in directive manner the new measures to be put in place as the country continue to remain in duo dwell with this pandemic.

The minister further said that as per the advice they as the ministry have given unto the president,they are quite certain that the president will admit their advocation and with immediate effect give the country another direction upon while they will move as we continue to battle with this pandemic

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