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Eat These Foods To Help You Fight Infections And Inflammations In The Body

To fight infections in the body you need to eat foods which will boost your immunity level so that you can be able to fight diseases. Inflammations and infections in the body can be a worse this cause they might cause chronic diseases thus making you weak. By eating certain types of food which have anti bacterial, antioxidants,anti inflammatory properties are the best in fighting bacteria and infections.

Here are the foods to eat to help you fight Infections and inflammations in the body.

Chilli peppers.

Always add chilli peppers to your food since they are rich in antioxidants that may help prevent the free radicals that cause cell damages. Chilli peppers are anti inflammatories that help to prevent inflammations and fight infections.

Ginger and garlic.

These two spices are medicinal they help to fight inflammations and bacteria in the body. The properties in garlic and ginger are good for the gut since they improve digestion and kills all the unwanted bacteria in gut. By fighting infections they also help improve the immunity.

Pumpkin seeds.

They are the best in fighting infections and inflammations in the body. They are rich in magnesium that helps to fight infections by increasing the antibodies that help fight inflammations.

Citrus fruits.

Citrus fruit like oranges,lemon and grapefruit are the best source of vitamin C that helps to improve the immunity level. The vitamin C in the fruits helps to fight Infections and inflammations. People who lack vitamin C they are likely to get Infections and they get sick so easily so eat alot of citrus fruits to help you fight Infections and inflammations.

Fish like salmon.

Salmon fish is good to eat since it is high in vitamin D and fatty acids which are good for your immunity. Eating salmon two times a week can supply you with enough vitamin D which will help you fight Infections and inflammations in the body.

All green leafy vegetables.

Eating vegetables daily can boost your immunity levels and help you fight diseases. Vegetables have betacarotene but when eaten then turn to vitamin A which is an anti inflammatory thus helps the body to fight infections and inflammations and you will be free from diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and others.

There are many more foods to help you fight infections but have given you a few of them.

Thank you and God bless you.

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