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Residents of The Following County Ignore Curfew Hours.

The government in collaboration with the ministry of health has given out some measures to help cope with covid-19. One of the measures is the curfew hours to start from 7.00 pm to 4.00 am.

This was imposed in the 13 counties that were considered as hotspots for covid-19.

Among the counties include Bungoma county in western region of Kenya.

However, a report has shown that most of Bungoma residents have decided to ignore the curfew rule. They extend their activities into late nights.

According to the commissioner Samuel Kimiti, most of the people ignoring curfew hours are the bodaboda riders and restaurant owners.

Talking in citizen TV, commissioner Samuel said that bodaboda riders and restaurant owners give bribe to police officers in order to allow them extend their activities.

He also said that so far, 11 people have been arrested and they will be taken to court. In his speech, he urged Bungoma residents to take curfew hours seriously, be on safe side.

Therefore, residents are cautioned to obey the curfew rule, if they are caught up, they will be arrested.

Opinion: Bungoma residents should strictly observe the curfew hours for there own good. The curfew was introduced to help cope up with this deadly disease Covid-19.

If they continue ignoring, it may lead to increase in covid-19 positive cases within the county.

This may make the government to put in more restrictions like lockdown in the county.

Thank you. Let's wash hands, sanitize, keep social distance and wear face mask.

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