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Disease prevention and treatment

The most dangerous disease that is a silent killer you should be aware of.

Disease is a condition that alter the normal body functions. For someone to reach the stage where signs and symptoms are seeing, that means the immune system is overpowered. Therefore, drug is required to aid the immune system to respond to the disease.

In Every hospital, you may visit, we have a number of diseases that are treated and how the patient should be handled. Like patient suffering from Tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV and AID, Asthmatic, cold flue are handle differently. With the patient suffering from malaria and other common diseases.

Hepatitis B or C is one of the diseases that is more dangerous than AIDS, it's spread through body fluids or when person is infected through transfusion. And also through sex.

Mother can pass the disease to the child through birth. Hepatitis B has killed many people because its final stage is to affect the liver, causing permanent in liver damage and inflammation. Then cancer and finally death may occur if treatment is not taken serious.

This disease seams to be feared most by doctors. Because how it spreads to the person is unnoticeable, unless the person is tested to confirm the disease he or she is suffering from.

The reason why many people can get infected with it because people have neglected it and many are more focus on AIDS than hepatitis. And so, it can infect many people as possible if not focus on seriously. Because as l speak now, more than 256 millions have this disease in the whole world.

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