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How cancer of the ovaries can result in infertility.

The ovaries are small,oval shaped glands that are located either side of the uterus.It produces eggs and the hormones estrogen and progesterone which play a critical role in the development of feminine characteristics.

The ovaries can become affected by various disorders such as

*Endometriosis-a disorder in which tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus.

*Ovarian cysts-a solid fluid filled sac within an ovary.

*Ovarian germ cell tumours-occurs when malignant cells form in the germ cells of the ovary.

*Polycystic ovary syndrome-a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts in the outer edges.

*Cancer of the ovary-it develops when cells in the ovary multiply uncontrollably.

Factors that can influence or increase the risk of ovarian cancer include;

Age-most of these cancers occur after the age of 60 years,having children later in life or never having had children,people with breast cancer have a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer,hormone therapy,the HPV virus,having high levels of androgens,dietary factors.

There are many types of ovarian cancers depending on which type is cells they begin. *Epithelial tumours-derived from the cells in the surface of the ovary.

*Germ cell tumours-derived from the egg producing cells within the ovary.

*Stromal tumours-stromal tumours occur in the connective tissues of an organ,these class of tumours produce steroid hormones.

Cancer of the ovary stages has different stages or phases like

*Stage 1-the cancer is confined to the ovaries and has not spread to the abdomen,pelvis or lymph nodes.

*Stage 2-the cancer is present in one ovary. Stage 3-cancer is present in both ovaries and may have metastised to other body parts.

Pain or pressure in the pelvis,vaginal bleeding,bloating,feeling full rapidly,changes in bowel habits,frequent urination,appetite loss,breathlessness,fatigue are some of the symptoms cancer of the ovary can cause.

If not medically attended to cancer of the ovaries can cause infertility which can result in the removal of both ovaries,fallopian tubes and the uterus,leukemia,kidney damage,neuropathy,hernias,hearing loss,perforations and bleeding.

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