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HIV Doesn't Kill, Instead This What Kills you so Fast if you are not Diagonised

HIV virus never kills, instead it weakens the immunity in the body and therefore other diseases kill you.This is the reason why it is very important to start taking antiretroviral drugs. If you are being treated for HIV with antiretroviral therapy, you can expect to live nearly as long as someone without HIV. Starting and remaining on antiretroviral medications has been shown to decrease mortality and improve quality of life.Maintaining quality healthcare is always the most important thing to living a long healthy life with HIV. If you have been diagnosed with HIV, but are not taking adequate treatment for the disease. ARVs are know to have some side effects in the body.Some eople sometimes experience headaches, nausea, muscle pain, diarrhea or dizziness while their bodies becomes weak. This makes them feel like stopping to take these drugs. These side effects may later come to an end after some months of taking these drugs.

The HIV infection itself doesn’t kill you. It leads to death by weakening your immune system and putting you at risk of other conditions. These include opportunistic infections that can occur when the disease has progressed to AIDS. AIDS is a condition where the body is now anable to fight the disease, the body grow so weak since the HIV virus destroys the fighting power of the white blood cells. At this time one can easily die since one is prone to so many common diseases.

A common conditions that develop due to the immune dysfunction of AIDS include pneumonia, tuberculosis and Malaria. If you end up taking these drugs irregularly, the HIV virus is able to replicate at high rate then when you are taking the drugs. The more the virus replicate, the the more your body will become weak. Please share.

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HIV HIV Doesn't Kill


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