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6 Habits that are Considered to be good For Our Health According to Science

Peeing in the shower

According to research, almost 72 percent of people have ever done this at least once in their lifetime. If you think about it scientifically, then there is nothing to be ashamed off because uric acid and ammonia in the urine prevents fungal infections on your toes.


This is one of the most annoying habit some people have especially when done in public. In some part you can be penalized if you are caught doing it.

When breathing, we normally do it through our noses; this process warms the air and makes it more humid where oxygen absorption in the body is made more efficient.

But when exercising or doing hard work, we breathe through our mouth and this causes the production of saliva to be increased and these may interfere with the breathing mechanism, so it is important to get rid of excess saliva unless otherwise

Chewing gum

Studies have proven that chewing gum has no nutritional value to our body but this doesn’t mean it is useless. Some benefits we can get from it include; improves focus, sharpen our memory, reduce stress and balancing the hormones by raising cortisol level

Skipping shower

It is not advisable to take a shower everyday unless you are involved in those activities that you end up sweating a lot. Taking a shower daily removes some essential oils responsible for protecting your skin and hair. It is perfectly natural to skip a shower once or twice a week.

Biting your nails

Nails contain contains some bacteria, when you bite them you are actually consuming them and your immune system produces white blood cells to fight these bacteria. In the process the body registers them bacteria in its memory back so the next time it come across it you will already have lymphocytes to beat them

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