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If You Experience These Symptoms, Please Get Tested For Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhoea is one of the main Sexual transmitted disease In human beings. The Bacteria responsible for causing Gonorrhoea is called Neisseria gonorrhea. Most common way that this is bacteria is spread is by having unprotected Intimacy with people who are carriers of the virus.

Mostly Gonorrhea is referred to by scientists to as the disease with Silent Symptoms. This is because most people who suffer from this STD will not even experience symptoms at times. However if the disease is left untreated for prolonged periods it can have long term body complications. It is therefore necessary to watch for the below symptoms and get annual tests of STDS from your nearest health center.

Early Signs Of Gonorrhea are.

1. Greater Frequency and Urge to Urinate.

2. Greenish, Yellowish or Creamy pus Discharge after urinating.

3. Pelvic pain.

4. A Sore throat that is persistent.

5. Burning Sensation when passing Urine Out.

6. Testicular Pain in men and pelvic pain in Women.

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