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Why swimming shouldn't be a luxury.

Swimming has been one of the greatest recreational activity for all ages .Where people swim for their own different reasons.Albeit the effects that comes with swimming are oftenly overlooked for instance drowning.

Deaths from drowning occurs when a victim is suffocated.Water enters the airways and lungs leading to laryngeal contraction which interferes with the supply of air. Making it harder for one to fight their way back.

As a matter of fact many of the cases go unreported especially the pool accidents. Many of the deaths involving children under the age of 10 left unattended.

Just as I had said the issue is overlooked. Recently, there has been a rise of drowning cases in rivers and swimming pools.About 4,607 deaths last year were caused by drowning according to the Kenya Police Record.

However one or two or even three victims succumb to death is much painful moreso if something would have been done. Not to mention of bathtub drowning and drowning being one of the ways people are killed. For any case that you have heard,yes,it's that's serious especially in rivers.

I think it's high time to be aware of the possibilities in the swimming pools or rivers. Such that even parents will accompany children their to swim and the authorities in the swimming points put professional attendants who understand their work and can be entrusted with lives.Times it could be an accident which requires immediate response .This needs someone around to be able to notice that.

Not that the gurus ain't prone to it,no.Anyone could be a victim .Therefore, people should take swimming with its required seriousness and attention besides the benefits that come along with it.

Let's keep water safety in top of mind even as we enjoy!

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