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Avoid Eating These Foods During Avoid Eating These Foods During Your Painful Monthly Periods

Many ladies experience a lot of pain during their monthly periods. However, some have mild pain and slight headaches, while in some, there is no pain at all. This is mainly caused by the muscular contraction of the uterine wall as a result of menses shedding off.

While this is a common phenomenon, ladies are cautioned on the type of food to eat and not eat during this period. The foods that are recommended for this period include; bananas, lemons, vegetables, fruits, and other light non-greasy foods.

However, some foods will aggravate the pain and therefore worsen the cramps. These include foods rich in caffeine e.g tea, coffee, and tobacco. Avoid food with plenty of salt as it causes bloating and cramping. Beans, candy, fried foods, all milk products, should be avoided because they produce gases that cause bloating. Also, ensure that you don't skip a meal because hunger may worsen the situation.

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