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Why Kenya's Mask Retailers are Quickly Running out of Business

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On the onset of Covid-19, related businesses blossomed, especially those that dealt with Personal protective gears, such as masks and face covers. Mask retailers made good money from selling masks in single pieces for as much as a hundred shillings each. The business became even better when the government through the ministry of health made wearing of masks compulsory. I remember being arrested along Loita Street on day two of the mask law and an officer told me to either buy a mask from him at 500 or he takes me Central Police Station. I chose the latter

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This business was good for retailers, they were quick to know the manufacturers and distributors of masks and protective gears. They went ahead to purchase them in large qualities then sell to other Kenya's at almost 10 times the wholesale price. This business however took a new but negative route when Kenyans began unearthing the origin of masks and the realisation that they could save more if the bought the masks in large quantities. Immediately, mask prices began falling, from 100 shillings for the normal surgical masks, to fifty shillings, to twenty, to ten then currently five shillings. The tailored masks were dropped when concerns were raised on their capability to prevent penetration of the virus.

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Currently, no one buys masks unless they've forgotten to carry one with them when leaving the house. This has left the mask and other Covid-19 protective equipments business in limbo, especially retail. Masks are no longer on high demand because many Kenyans decided to purchase them in large quantities and keep for future. They only pick one or two when leaving their houses. Additionally, offices and organisations are constantly coming up with customised masks with their logos and identities. In other words, masks are also being used by organisations as marketing tools. These organizations won't surely buy masks in retail but in wholesale especially from manufacturers. Wholesalers so have to worry, because many customers buy in large quantities at a go and wholesalers have to wait longer for the next purchase from that particular customer.

Unlike at the onset of Covid-19, these days, mask retailers have to walk from place to place, hawking their masks and calling on people to buy. Surely every business has a season.

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