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Tips For Good Oral Hygiene So As To Have Healthy Smiles

According to World Health Organization, oral health is a key indicator of overall wellbeing and quality of life. Bad breath can be an indicator of a health problem. Billions of bacteria build up as plaque causing tooth decay. To have healthy teeth you ought to practice good oral hygiene. One secret is that to have a fresh mouth always, it takes more than just putting tooth paste on your tooth and then brush.

 Tooth Decay Explained

Our mouths are home to an uncountable number of bacteria that recycle food and drinks in our mouths. These bacteria consume sugar from the foods and drinks we have eaten and after leave behind their waste known as plaque. This plaque eventually forms acid which will wear down the enamel hence causing decay. This acid can also affect the gum.

 So with that said, here are tips to help you have good oral hygiene:

 Properly Brush Your Teeth Daily

This goes without saying. But the question is, how do you brush your teeth? Oral health starts with clean teeth. Clean teeth stave off cavities and gum diseases. Brush your teeth twice a day and brushing should be around 3 minutes long. It's also of paramount importance to brush your tongue as it's also a breeding place for bacteria. Use fluoride tooth paste and a soft tooth brush. Please note that a hard tooth brush should not be used as it erodes the enamel quickly. Gently brush with circular short back and forth motions. Hard brushing can damage your gum. After brushing, rinse your tooth brush and do not keep it with other toothbrushes. Another thing to note is remember to replace your toothbrush every after 3 months.

 Visit A Dentist

It's recommended you visit a dentist at least twice a year preferably after every 6 months. Visiting a dentist is essential for maintaining your oral health. However, how often we see a dentist is determined by your oral hygiene habits and other factors. Always remember to ask your dentist when you should schedule your next appointment. People who should visit the dentist more often are pregnant women,smokers,people with gum diseases and people with family history of cavities. In as much as you brush twice a day, you should still visit a dentist regularly. Regular visits can trace teeth problems early which will save you from pain and exorbitant expenses of treatment.

 Healthy Lifestyle And Foods For Oral Health

Nutrition has an effect on oral health. A balanced diet of fruits,vegetables,proteins and carbohydrates are vital for oral health and general health. Research says that whole grain foods,cereals,fruits and vegetables are good for oral health. Fruits and vegetables help produce saliva hence helping the removal of leftover food particles in the mouth. Examples of foods good for your teeth are yogurt,carrots,apples,milk, and spinach. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking and also reduce sweets in your diet.

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