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Condition That Made This Girl Spend 20 Years on This Machine Without Walking or Talking [Video]

Adeline is a lady who has never known how it feels to be healthy since she has been sick for over twenty years. Her mother narrated that she started having breathing problems when she was still a kid and when she was taken to the hospital she was diagnosed with bronchitis.

She was given medicine but the problem did not go away after finishing the dosage. The condition worsened and when she was taken back to the hospital she was told that both her lungs had failed and she needed a machine that would help her with breathing.

Her mother did not have money to buy the machine but through God's grace friends and relatives contributed and they bought it. Adeline's mother was told that there was treatment that would treat her condition completely but she did not have the money.

Adeline has been depending on the machine for for breathing for the past twenty years without talking and walking. Her mother does everything for her because she has no strength to even feed herself.

After her story was put on social media platforms and YouTube well-wishers contributed money that helped her start going for treatment and checkups. She can now walk a little and can manage to speak. She is hopeful that her condition will be permanently treated with the money she was received from netizens.

She was grateful to everyone who was kind enough to donate even though they don't know her personally. She said that God will bless them for their act of kindness.

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