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Young Men Stop Doing The Following Things To Maintain Your Fertility

1) Stop exposing your body to high temperature.

Exposing your body to high temperature causes your body cells to die and thereby it may result to infertility because you may kill cells responsible for reproduction. You can expose your body by bathing with hot water, wearing too many clothes and also placing electronic gadget on your thighs. Painful boils in the private parts of the body are also a clear indication of high temperature.

2) Wearing tight clothes

Young men wearing of tight clothes causes your body skin poles to be blocked thereby less airflow in your body, thereby it means that your body will have less air causing death of cells that produces sperms.

3) Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Once you become an addict you will not be able to do anything before you drink it before it is too late please quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Remember drinking of alcohol also exposes your liver to infections.

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