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Facts about HIV AIDS

Hiv is a deadly virus that replicates and grows to AIDS. There are very many ways in which one can acquire the virus mostly via contact with body fluids from an infected person. The virus does not affect other animals. Sharing of sharp equipments like needles, knives and any other equipment that can damage ones body tissue is highly risky. You can also acquire the virus by having unprotected sex with an infected person, the only way to stay safe is by assuming that everyone is HIV positive thus use protection when having sex or abstain. Abstaining is the best option but we all humans and it's difficult to abstain.The virus can be treated only with the help of antiretroviral therapy. Bad news is that the therapy is not a cure for HIV. This is because the virus has an ability to hide in the cells where the drugs cannot reach. The virus incorporates itself onto its host cell's DNA. The virus also does replicate giving rise to more virus thus the treatment cannot weaken the virus at all.

Antiretroviral therapy involves taking a combination of HIV medicine everyday . ART only helps patients to live longer and healthy.

There is no need to loose hope in life, with the help of ART and a good diet a long life is guaranteed.

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