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5 Warning Signs That Show You Are Not As Healthy As You Think

There are several diseases in the world, some of which can be cured and others of which cannot, according to WebMD.

When detected early enough, some diseases can be treated, while others can be controlled to prevent further progression.

Every illness has a secret that must eventually be revealed, regardless of how terrible it is or if it can be treated.

Since many people cannot afford routine doctor visits, they often don't get ill until their symptoms deteriorate.

It's unfortunate that many individuals, including myself, have a tendency to disregard early symptoms of illness because many illnesses don't present symptoms until they've progressed significantly.

People who feel well frequently do not realize they are sick because they ignore the symptoms and warning signs of potentially fatal diseases.

I'll provide five indicators in this essay that you might not be as healthy as you think you are.

1. The color of your toenails and fingernails begins to change. According to Healthline, nail issues can be found in both the fingernails and toenails. The hues of nails can vary greatly.

Others have lighter nails, while some have dark nails.

Whether your nails are black or bright, if you detect a change in their color, you probably have a health issue.

2. The smell of your breath: Your exhalation shouldn't have a strong odor. People only have an odor on their breath after eating foods with a strong aroma, such garlic or onions.

However, persistent bad breath is often a symptom of more serious medical issues.

3. Discoloration of the eyes: The eyes are composed of two distinct colors. Even if the remainder of the eyeball is a different color, every eye has a white spot.

Your liver or pancreas may not be working properly if the whites of your eyes are a different hue.

4. The swelling in your legs and ankles begins. Long periods of sitting will inevitably cause your legs and ankles to swell.

On the other hand, if your ankles and legs suddenly swell, you may have a cardiac condition that requires emergency medical care.

5. You're constantly thirsty. Extreme thirst is typical in hot conditions or following exercise.

However, if you have irrational thirst and need water despite being full, it may be a sign that your blood sugar levels are off.

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