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Government Raises A Red Alarm Over A Surge In These Deadly Diseases

The Kenyan government has delivered disturbing news to all Kenyans regarding the increase in respiratory diseases. 

The government has sounded the alarm about rising cases of the disease group in the country, an incident attributed to cold weather that has hit popular local destinations. 

The government has warned that respiratory illness cases will continue to rise in the country due to the current political season, a period of deadly flu outbreaks in several global destinations and low vaccination rates. domestic.

“We anticipate an increase in the number of respiratory illnesses during this time, due to a number of challenges – we are in the political season, the weather we are experiencing during this flu season and the rate vaccination is slow,” said Health CS Mutahi Kagwe .

Again The Ministry of Health has raised a red alarm to all kenyans, warning them over a surge in the spread of the deadly COVID-19 Omicron disease.

The Ministry of Health has articulated that the Omicron variant of the deadly COVID-19 disease has assumed an upward trajectory in its acquisition and spread amongst Kenyans calling upon all citizens to follow the instituted containment measures e.g wearing of masks in a solemn move geared towards reducing its spread.

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