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Tanzania In Mourning As Babu Loliondo Succumbs

Herbalists have been popular in the past years due to the herbs believed to protect the body against diseases. Remember Babu "Loliondo"? The man who hails from Tanzania had been in the limelight due to his healing herbs. He not only managed to convince Tanzanians but also many people across East Africa.

His real name "Ambikile Mwasapile" might not be able to provide his beneficial herbs due a long term illness. He cured diseases like chronic illness, diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Tanzania Authorities didn't interfere with his work as his herb was considered safe to humans.

Babu will not be with us again as he succumbed in a local hospital from illness. Sounds ironical, right? He allegedly treated nearly four million people including rich and poor. The highest number of patients were HIV ones who still tested positive later on.

The rule was you had to drink his medicine there and no carrying away since it would be poisonous. Babu will surely be remembered as he had many customers who sought for his herbs making him a millionaire overnight.

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