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Benefits of Bananas that You Didn't Know

We usually eat bananas every day but most people eat them for their sweetness without knowing the benefits they have to their bodies. When it comes to healthy matters, bananas are very essential. First bananas are cheap, that means they are affordable to many people. Second they are grown in most areas in the country therefore making it easy to get.

There are many types of bananas but most commonly know are sweet bananas, and others mostly known as nyoro, kampala e.t.c.

Banana have potassium which is very important to our bodies, to pregnant women, the potassium in banana act like calcium to the foetus that helps in strengthening the skull of the foetus. I guess that is new to many, that's why its advisable for pregnant woman to eat banana frequently for the health of the foetus and her health too. For that and more interesting stories please leave a comment, share and follow. Thank you

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