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7 Symptoms of Dangerous Disease that Might seem Normal

Dandruff and hair loss

Having dandruff together with excessive hair loss is totally not okay. This indicates that you are lacking some various important minerals and nutrients in your body for example, Low levels of zinc, B2, B3, B6, and B7 vitamins


Most people do not like the sound of snoring especially when they are sleeping. Most of the times it is harmless but in some situations, snoring might be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, this condition requires a medical attention. Doctors will guide you on ways to help you breathe normally when sleeping

Random muscle twitches

This is an involuntary contraction of the fibers that make up a muscle, one may feel some twitching below the skin. It might be caused by physical activities, stress or not having enough rest or sleep. In some rare cases this can be a sign of kidney disease. 

Constant thirst

Feeling thirsty is a normal thing and you will have to drink water so as to get rid of this feeling But if you often feel thirsty without any physical activities then there might be a problem. This might be a symptom of pre diabetes; other symptoms include fatigue and frequent urination

Unexplained bruises

If you have bruises that you cant explain where they came from, then you will have to visit a doctor. Random and easy bruises might mean a simple vitamin deficiency. It can also mean something else that is more serious, that is why you have to visit a doctor

Dry eyes

You might feel a burning sensation, inflammation or damage to the eye. Various things might cause eye dryness for example aging or using certain medication. 

Swollen ankles

This situation is mostly associated with pregnant woman but if you are not expecting any child then you will need to visit a doctor. This might mean bad blood circulation, heart problems and under active thyroid glands. The common cause of this situation is taking too much salt. 

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