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No More Foul Smell and Brown Teeth when you Apply This

Human beings have a dental formula which gives an adult a total of 32 teeth. However, if a sampling was carried out from a total of say 10 people, 8 of the 10 people will have brown- yellow teeth with cavities and a bad smell. Many try seeking for a medical remedy from specialists who are the dentists to address this problem.

Dentists recommend to avoid using sugary foodstuffs like biscuits, sweets and creams. Furthermore, they advice their patients to regularly brush their teeth twice a day, morning and evening after every meal. This prescription from a physician aids alot if one did not at an early age, damage his or her teeth.I remember was I was a kid, I loved eating sweets. This ended up destroying my teeth which developed cavities and led to development of bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are very painful and one can not take cold or hot water because it is so severe that one might feel like being electrocuted.

You might be having this problem and thinking of how you are going to address it. You're fed up with your stinging mouth.

Dental defend, is a unique toothpaste that contains crystalizing substance from bone tissue which can fill micro cracks in the enamel and even seal cavity formations. The essence of inclusion of a unique ingredients nanoparticles which are able to

1. Penetrate the tooth cavity and repair the cracks and tooth cavities

2. It whitens teeth and connects with enamel and prevents it from the yellow colour.

Try it and you will never again visit the dentist.

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