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These Healthy Foods Are High In The Crucial Nutrient Vitamin C

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According to, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin present in a wide variety of foods; mainly fruits and vegetables.

It acts as a potent antioxidant in the body and is involved in immunological function, neurotransmitter generation, collagen formation and other processes.

Getting enough vitamin C in your diet may help lower your risk of common health problems such as heart disease.

Furthermore, vitamin C is required for collagen formation, connective tissue, bones, teeth and tiny blood vessels.

Higher susceptibility to infections, bleeding gums, frequent bruising and infections, poor wound healing, anemia, and scurvy are all indications of vitamin C deficiency.

Foods that are high in vitamin C are:-

Bell peppers:Sweet or bell peppers have more vitamin C as they develop.Consuming adequate vitamin C is essential for eye health and may help prevent cataract advancement.

Lemons:Lemon juice contains vitamin C; which functions as an antioxidant by preventing other fruits and foods such as avocados from browning. The enzyme polyphenol oxidase is exposed to oxygen when fruits and vegetables are sliced. This causes oxidation and browning of the food. Applying lemon juice to exposed surfaces creates a barrier thus preventing browning.Lemon juice has also been shown to decrease blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Papaya:Papaya contains vitamin C; which is a large percentage of the daily value.Vitamin C also improves memory and has anti-inflammatory properties in the brain.

Kale:Kale is classified as a cruciferous vegetable that is rich in vitamin C. While heating diminishes the vitamin C content of this vegetable, a study found that boiling and frying leafy greens increases the bioavailability of health-promoting chemicals; which may help reduce chronic inflammatory disorders.

Parsley:Parsley has a lot of vitamin K, antioxidants and vitamin C. Consuming vitamin C-rich foods may lower your risk of cancer.

Strawberries:Strawberries provide a wide and strong combination of vitamin C, manganese, flavonoids, folate and other antioxidants. According to research, eating strawberries on a daily basis may help lower the risk of numerous health disorders due to their high level of minerals and beneficial plant chemicals.

Kiwis:According to research, kiwis can suppress blood platelets; which may help minimize the risk of blood clots and stroke due to their cvitamin C content. Consumption of kiwis may also improve the immune system.

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