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Best Foods to Take at Night That Make You Healthy

Experts have taken their time to differentiate the types of foods and the time to be taken in order to have a positive result in many people hence comfort to your health,so the type of food you take at a particular time matters a lot.

Below being some of the foods you should take at night and the reasons behind the same.

(1)Sweet Potatoes

Eating boiled sweet potatoes at night will help you a lot as the research shows that they contain Vitamin B6 and melatonin which prepares a person for sleep and improving the mood as it makes the body feel relaxed and sleepy.

(2)White Rice

White rice might not be so important to your body but very useful when it comes to night meal as it has been found to be the best.It contains high glycemic index which aid in making a person to sleep faster and easier.

(3)Fatty Fishes

Fatty fishes apart from being confirmed as being healthy for the body,they also play a key role in giving a person good night sleep.Fishes are high in Omega 3,vitamin D and fatty acids.It also contain nutrients which aids in regulating serotonin whose main function is to regulate sleep.

(4)Skim Milk with Cereal

A low fat milk and a low sugar cereal is considered as a morning meal but it could also be best when it comes to night meals.Milk contains amino acids tryptophan which serves as a precursor for serotonin which regulates sleep.

(5)Chicken noodle Soup

Taking chicken noodle soup at night would help your body get relaxed and at the same case giving your body whole sense of safety and helps you power down as they are quite easy to digest.

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