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Opinion: Recommended Ways of Taking Care of Ourselves

Selfcare is the practice of managing our health without the help of a medical practitioner. Elizabeth gives us 5 fundamental practices for every area of our life.

5 selfcare practices for ever area of our lives

Selfcare is seen as a multi dimensional process of engaging, promoting health functioning and well being of an individual. It is important to do everything possible to reduce stress. Majority of us look at it as a luxury rather than being a priority in life.

1) physical selfcare

There is a strong connection between our bodies and mind. When we take time to care for our bodies, our minds reciprocate in return by thinking better. Our bodies like a machine need refuelling with the right diet. We need a balanced diet.In addition we need a deep sleep after carrying out our daytime activities. We also need physical exercises and attend to our daily appointments. We should strictly follow the doctor's prescription and manage our health.

Let us ask ourselves some few questions:

1)Are you getting enough sleep?

2)Is your diet fuelling your body well?

3)Are you taking care of your health?

2)social selfcare

Try to make time for your family and friends. It is important not to neglect your relationships. Make sure to cultivate as well as maintain our friendships. It may not be easy but put your energy and devote your time to build your relationships with others. Devote some hours often for your relationships.

1)Are you getting enough face to face communication with others?

2)What are you doing to nurture your relationships with friends and family?

3)Mental care

The way we think .What you are filling your mind matters so much. We can do a number of activities to enrich our minds. You can work out puzzles and doing activities that sharpen your minds. Other activities include reading books and watching movies. It includes compassion, acceptance and dialogue.

1)Which things do you do to stimulate your mind?

2)Are you active to maintain mental health?

4)Spiritual selfcare

It is important to nurture your spirit. Anything which can deepen the sence and meaning of life and understanding.

1)Which questions do you ask about yourself?

2Do you engage in spiritual fulfillment?

5)Emotional selfcare

Develop a good way of dealing with your emotions like:Anger, anxiety and sadness. Indulge in activities which help you to express yourself and feelings on regular basis.

1)Do you talk to your friends on how you feel?

2)Do you have health ways to process your emotions?

selfcare plan

Assessing your life needs will make you develop a plan on your needs.Every time we should put attention to a single selfcare need at a time. Don't try to attack all your needs at once. Learn your needs at a time.

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