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How Your Town Design Affects Your Health

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Did you know that your urban, town and housing design is directly linked to your well-being? Well, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor design decisions can have a negative impact on your health. Poor design in your area will mean that you don’t easily get housing, medical care, social services, clothing, food and security, factors that are very essential for comfortable life. 

Per WHO’s Housing and Health Guidelines, badly designed houses can increase the chances of falls, trips, injury and stress in a neighbourhood. When you live in a town where you cannot afford rent easily then you are going to have stress looking for it. This will mean that you will live a stressed life. 

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When you live in a place where there is crowded housing and there is no or little water supply then disease is going to bother most of the time. When looking for a place to live it is important to check ventilation, lighting, dampness and hygiene. 

Also, living in an area where people mostly depend on cars to move around will negatively affect people’s health because people won’t exercise for example when going to work. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle where people are likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. The chance to get active physically when carrying out day to day activities is essential to avoid these dangerous health conditions. 

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The location of where you are going to live is important, the area of residence can affect your mental health. When you live in a neighbourhood where you are able to interact with your neighbours than you are going to love your stay there as you establish meaningful friendships and relations. 

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