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Sleeping Next To your Phone is Dangerous to your Health

Sleeping close to your phone is an habit common among many people. It is important to keep your phone away from you when sleeping.

Let us see how harmful it is sleeping with your handset, and how you could possibly avoid it.

1. It affects your sleep cycle

Sleeping next to your phone disturbs your sleep. Be careful not to be a victim of the high radiation levels emitted by your smartphone during sleep. It causes biological disorders and you could experience nightmares. You become restless at night and you sleep for less times.

2. When you keep your phone in bed , the release of melatonin is delayed because of the lights released by your phone's screen. Sleeping next to your phone tempts you to keep checking and scrolling through.

3. Radiations emitted by phones are above 900MHZ. These high radiations cause muscle pains and headaches.

4. Chances of getting cancer are increased. Electromagnetic radiations are dangerous, keep away!

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