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Treat Dysentery with this Commonly Know Herb, Coriander ( Dhania)


This is a common herb used to flavour dishes in many households. Well ,today we are going to look at other medicinal uses of this herb.

1: Coriander is used to heal dysentery. Dysentery is inflammation of intestines often accompanied by bloody diarrhoea caused by shigella bacteria or an amoeba. Its often spread through contaminated food or water.

The symptoms include; stomach cramps, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea with blood or mucus.

Coriander has antibacterial properties which help fight against bacterial infections from salmonella which is majorly present in food items.It also gives relief from diarrhoea especially that caused by fungi infections.

The leaves and seeds are each of the essential volatile oils such as borneol, linalool, cineol, terpineol, cymene, dipentene,pinene e.t.c. The essential oils aid in digestion and peristaltic movement.

The leaves are a powerful natural cleansing agent. They are used to effectively cleanse heavy metals and toxic agents from the body.

Coriander is also rich in vitamins such as folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, beta- carotene and vitamin C that are essential for good health

You chew 1 tablespoon of dry Dhania fruits three times a day after meals.

2: Used to fortify the stomach after protracted dysentery of chronic diarrhoea. You add a tablespoon of sifted Dhania powder to 250ml (half a cup) of plain yoghurt and drink 2-3 times a day.

coriander leaves contain no cholesterol but are rich in antioxidants and are a good source of dietary fibres.This characteristic help them to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (the good cholesterol) levels in the blood.

It has digestive properties and it is effective in relieving stomach gas. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

It's one of the richest sources of vitamin k which has a stronger role in bone mass building by promoting is osteoporatic activity in the bones.

Antioxidants present in coriander leaves are best remedy to wash out toxins from the body after smoking and this helps to repair tissues damaged in the lungs.

With all that said, coriander is an easy to grow plant in which the leaves and the seeds are normally used although all parts of this plant are edible. It's a cold tolerant plant but not flooded land.

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Coriander Dhania


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