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These foods have huge health benefits but are ignored by many people due to their bitter taste

Bitter tasting foods can have huge health benefits to a person despite most of the foods not being a favourite of many.They contain immense health benefits due to a wide variety of plant based chemicals in them.

They can help lower the risk of many diseases such as cancer, heart, liver, digestive, neurological conditions and aid in improving digestion, better skin health, blood purification, clearing of toxins from the body, so they are an important inclusion to the diet of any person.

*Cruciferous vegetables.

They are a diverse group that inculdes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, collards, arugula.These vegetables have a bitter taste due to a compound known as glucosinolate.Thisbitter taste is responsible for much of their health benefits.They have cancer fighiting properties as well as helping the liver enzymes process toxins more effectively, thereby reducing their harmful effects on the body.


They are often thought of as vegetables but the oart of it that a person eats is actually the bud of a flowet before it blooms.They are often regarded as a superfood due to their high levels of antioxidants and numeorus health benefits such as blood presure control, lowering cholesterol, liver health, digestive health, blood sugar control.

*Bitter melon.

It tends to become more bitter as it ripens.It contains vitamin A, C, iron and is considered to have medicinal value.It has traditionally been used to treat diabetes, lower chokesterol, aid in weight loss and has cancerfighting properties.

*Dandelion greens.

They are often thought of as a herb but are actually a weed and a delicious one at that. They are very bitter and some flavors can be added to balance it out. They are rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium, manganese, iron, Vitamins A, C and are also rich in prebiotics which promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.


A healthy drink loved by many, it contains polyphenols which give the beverage its bitter taste.Coffee has numerous health benefits such as spoorting heart health, improving liver function, improving brain health, weight management, boosting energy levels and is also great for helping prevent neurological disorders such as parkisons and alzheimers.

*Red wine.

It contains two types of polyphenols that is tannins and proanthocyanidins which give it its unique color and taste. Some of the benefits of red wine are improving heart health, helps beat cancer, lowers bad cholesterol, improves memory, weight management, lowet risk of diabetes and it is also rich in antioxidants.


They are one of a number of foods regarded as 'super foods' rich in nutrients and antioxidants.They have immense health benefits such as prevention of certain types of cancers, imoroving immune function, deacreasing blood pressure, enhancing oral health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, managing UTIs.

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