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''Don't Ignore" Here Are Warning Signs Of Your Body Before Stroke Attack

A month before stroke attack your body warns with signs that may really to you that there is an incoming infection.*Stroke is caused by low oxygen supply to your brain that makes arteries to get clogged or rapture hence killing brain cells. This damage to brain cells leads to stroke that is a leading cause of disability. *Painful , sudden , and relentless hick ups are one of the warning signs of the incoming stroke disease.*Painful and severe headache or ''thunder cap" headache signal towards a future disease and this headaches usually occur due to aneurysm therefore you should seek medical attention instantly .* Confusion is another sign even though confusion is common among the elderly people but sometimes it can have a serious cause and indicate diseases. Confusion is one of the stroke symptoms and it requires quick medical attention. * Another symptom is difficulty in swallowing therefore don't ignore please seek medical attention.

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